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Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven

Rated 5 / 5 stars

SHMUP Heaven! ^_^ Challenge Unlimited! Game--ROCKS

This is a game that brings joy as well as challenge in an amazing collage of absolute MAYHEM, amusement and memory! =)

I will start off by saying that to date I have not ever played any of the Tahou games as of yet but am well aware of the term "Bullet Hell" -- especially after getting an award of the same name for being downed in Oblivion [Bonus Level 4] with character Natalie whilst OVER 666 bullets [WHO'S COUNTING!? XD ONE can defeat You!] -- to later return victorious! =D

The music from HalcyonicFalconX is more than memorable as are Matt Roszak's characters who are indeed well lodged into the memories of those who have played through the Epic Battle Fantasy series!

Truly it is a treat to enjoy a SHMUP including heroes, villains and...POKEMON!? in a "Raiden-style" "Life Force-pumping" "Raptor: Call of The Shadows-ROCKIN'!" "Forgotten Worlds-esque" "Psyviar 2-Blazing-Grazing" SUPER FUN space shooter!

This is a game made of sheer knowledge of the world of space shooters by the excellent game developer. =3 What is experienced during the play of this game is by far MORE than simply a "space shooter" idea or "another game with a billion bullets total before the game's end."

The upgrades and achievements give continued appreciation to play this game from start to finish. Unlocking brand new characters with different attacks and specials gives this game an almost "Fighting Game" excitement that inspires time and time again--fun run after fun run after fun run! =)

"Fun" is the keyword in this bright colored game that certainly is a well welcomed break from "zapping zombies" or "battling dark forces" with even "darker heroes" who seem to live in turmoil and shame.

The light-heart-fun-focus of this amazing fly-through-fun-themed stages parallel a game much like Mario or Mickey style of game that DOES NOT disappoint those seeking a challenge!

One of my favorite features is how this game is broken into 3 separate parts each complete with Pro Tips! Many are very useful while just as many are very inspiring or funny! Each feeding the wish to see this game through to end! =) The "3 parts" Main, Bonus & Survival - only add to high replay value!! =D

To add to the fun-factor of this SUPERB challenge and GRAND GAME are the numerous achievements which are certainly VERY impressive indeed. ^_^

Seldom ever in a SHMUP / space shooter are players treated to a reason to play beyond blasting hundreds of thousands of space invaders back to their home planets and saving a world from an invasion or sure destruction via astroid.

With countless challenges -- some you may want to read BEFORE starting =3
Like the 3-heart challenge =) -- achievements are tallied. =) In addition to the challenges there is a ranking system that is also fairly uncommon in the grand style of game-- the ONLY kind I used to play by the way, so this game really hit the spot as I hadn't played one of these personally in a while. =)

The "F" through "S" ranking may remind one of a game of Dance Dance Revolution on STEROIDS without the side-effects because unless you have the reflector shield -- you won't be doing a lot of "catching oncoming projectiles!" =)

And yes--you heard right. The "reflector Shield" DOES indeed reflect bullets back to damage opponents! Personally thought it was temp invincibility at first.

This is the very First Time personally have seen anything like the sheild-not even one in Ikugara like it! GO TEAM! =D SUPER idea! ^_^

Play the game!
You will LOVE IT! =D

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, TIGER M
[Thop! Thursday! { ||| }]
-8:06 AM (5/5/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.]

Ask teh Mods =3

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! =D
Just 3 more days! =D [May 8th, 2011 for North America ^_^]
If not for moms none of us would be playing this [or any!] game! =D

Enjoy Your Spring & Summer everyone!


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Meet'N'Fuck: Star Mission Meet'N'Fuck: Star Mission

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing Game! And No!It's Not just the sex! REALLY

Oh wow. O.O
Indeed, this certainly is in my most humble of opinions one of THE best H-Games with a storyline and "RPG-Style" 'Story Quest' which craftily looks beyond dilating one's penis or rendering one's 'Jose-and-her-Pussycat-kitty-cat' moist. ^_^

Indeed, the storyline is one of my favorite parts of this game and that's not all!
Even the way the story is presented and what may be said between the characters is indeed far more intriguing than a majority of the H-Games respectively.

Chuck: "Your Face Is Dirty."
Cute-And-Frustrated-Mechanic-Gal: Who The HELL are you!?"

Another great scene =)

Chuck: *Daringly* "Bet I can fire better than some skirt."
Cute-Tomboy-Gunner-Girl: "Bet You Can't."
Chuck: "I'll Show You..."
Cute-Tomboy-Gunner-Girl: *Humbled from her high horse* "N-Not bad."

Indeed this is a very talented Flash Artist in my opinion =)
Great storyline and character interaction!

The objective here is obviously to tell a story that has sex in it--not simply to present sex to tell a story [which unfortunately or fortunately... is hard to say is true for many H-Games o.o]

The Captain's opening line rather funny to me =)

Captain: "Hey, Mr. Penis! Wake Up." *smile*
Guy: Where is this ship headed to!?
Captain: Venus 5024... Your sperm will be used to help the population problem...

In a world of anime and hentai where often it is the "sexy-or-timid female characters" who are often portrayed as "tools 4 reproduction" it is a breath of fresh air to find that there is at least one person on this planet [or a group of people rather] who think beyond the typical 'Nazi/Male-dominant fantasy.' =D

Impressive! [To me at least. =) None of you are inclined to agree!]

When the Navigator is first met, "My word..." are the only thoughts.
Not only is she beautifully stunning and openly cheery--but like all of the amazing characters in this truly amazing Space Station Fantasy--she holds a quality to her which presents her as her own excellently unique character!
Even character looks aren't so "over-proportioned" that you are lead to think, "Yeah right... only in an h-game, Eiken or SIN: Emergence... =P"

In brief, the characters in this story seem to have a strong personality which could have truly had "M-N-F Star Fantasy" be either an H-Game or Non-H-Game and still be just as enjoyable either way. =) But the added element of "H-Game" certainly does not disappoint in this Super Episode of this unique Series! [MNF]

Chuck: Why aren't you smiling?
Navigator: "I'm too tired to smile right now..."

The Typical "cheery/high-energy girl's" less enthusiastic side shows which often is only revealed in VERY character driven-often-non-hentai-anime such as Kaleido Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Ai Yori Aoishi! O.O

Very impressive and highly worthy of mention VadimG! =D

From the "first meet" with the "Captain In Charge" to the helping "Josephine The Mechanic" out and gaining trust and rep on the ship to eating with the 'Maid Like' character and blasting asteroids and sharing sexual moments...
All the way to toughing it out with pushy personalities and the "Bribing of The Gamer Guard" [which I don't ever like doing in these kinds of games--just not my style...=/] this game is not only a "Star Fantasy" -- but a SPACE Adventure! =D

The cute laughs, worried sighs, and curiously/confused, 'huh?' sounds are more than welcome in a world of storylines [hentai...] where often the only sound effects are "UH!" and "AH!" and "Hmnnn~<3" FINALLY an h-dating story where while players are playing--the the great feeling that the authors of this story ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE STORY & CHARACTERS! Which is nice. =)

Laced with fun and humorous relief [Checkout the captain's name: Jenna Statham!], this game is fun for a majority of fun-seeking-light-hearted-gamers--guy s and girls included!

The artwork is the most fabulous in the series in my humble opinion and the ending may surprise some... pleasantly or appallingly depending one one's tolerance and tastes...! o.o

Great Job!

TIGER M is... >=O tigerm...^^;

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Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You will truly be giving yourself quite the treat for taking the time to play this astounding release of this ever-memorable series: Epic Battle Fantasy 3! =D

Video Game JUST Completed today! =D After a round-about-go-around with a certain 3-headed-pyro-Dragon-Hydra followed by the completion of very possibly one of the most EPIC RPG games of all time [in this person's opinion] On ANY System: Epic Battle Fantasy 3!!

This is a video game that I had initially learned of afterbeing attracted to Natz's the thumbnail for "Epic Battle Fantasy 2" whilst cruising through the medium known as Newgrounds for a bit of fun in Pixel Legion [another great game created by Epic game author acrazycandain--not related to the Epic Matt Roszak aka KUPO707! =3]

Completed just before the New Year! YATA! =DDD

Indeed, beyond the video game itself, the music... PHEW! *Exhales in awe* HalyconFalconX/super-sexy-super-deep-
cool-musician-Phyrnna--put her FOOT into the production work not to mention her heart, mind and soul! =3 There was a point [ok... like... almost ALL of the game for me ^^;] where literally I DID NOT realize that weapons could be upgraded by clicking the "Forge" button and I was wondering why on earth I had to let a Mammoth stomp Matt, Natalie and Lance half-to-death [ over-and-over again o.o].

The music kept me going! And in case you're curious, it wasn't until the 3-headed dragon that I FINALLY realized that Armor and Weapons could be upgraded by using all of those "random pieces the team can't eat nor use for Quests" found in the "Misc." list ...yeah. ^^; BUT BEAT IT ON EPIC [and took a few pics too!]

Even dying is a pleasure sometimes just to see memos such as "Jesus Saves... After Every Level" lol! My younger brother almost fell out of the seat laughing when I told him what I was looking at! XD

Another of my favorite inspiring quotes is "This Game Over Screen is just a setback" as well as "How Long are you going to admire the dirt?" I went to read and re-read "Fission Mailed" about TEN times until I finally GOT that it DIDN'T say "Mission Failed" and found myself laughing. =)

Every aspect of this game is a true joy =) Not over exaggerating ONE word either! Play and find it out for yourself! ^_^ This game is THAT good!

From astounding music, to superb and hilarious writing, to a "fun feeling storyline" to the character animations and THREE "Super Moves" [Limit Breaks!"] PER Character which are BEAUTIFULLY orchestrated and beyond! =D

My favorite new animation was "Genesis" [which needless to say is "EVAngelistically Inspired ^_^] and I'm glad that "Kyun"--the image that first attracted me to play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 when I hadn't even heard of the series earlier this year--finally got a name =)

I'd even say it ["Kyu~n!"] sometimes just before Natalie did her super-cute "Marcoss Victory" Homage pose ^_^

The facial expressions when a character can or can't learn a new move is PRICELESS and it is very obvious that sir-Roszack put quite a lot of thought into this phenomenal--scratch... EPIC RPG Game!!

I really like that "food" and "Deserts" is used instead of "Potions" and Items" for heal. It just gives the game a "Carefree-fun" feel which ROCKS!

Just play it! =D

TIGER M IS...tiger m...^^;

P.S. Cow Suit Wins. Especially with Cat Ears ^_^
In the great words of one dance group (which I happen to be listening to now ^_^)

"Like a warm summer day, like a warm day in May / Babe You Make Me feel so HOT!" ^_^ -Song: - Dragonfly
*Sings to Natalie and revels in being an eternal geek.=^_^=

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everybody! =D

If You haven't played EBF3 yet--be sure to make it Your New Year's RE-solution to PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE YOU DIE!!! SERIOUSLY!

You won't regret the time spent nor the experiences had. ^_^
And remember to upgrade, unlike I did. =3

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen,Known & Unknown),
-DJ,TIGER M [Friday]
-6:09 PM (12/31/2010) (New Year's Eve)

TIGER M Is...*SCREAMER!* O.O *Runs!*

Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow. That is all that I can say is just wow. =) Like wow. *clicks Submit Review*
*blink, blinks* *Refuses to release.

Not really. ^^; That wouldn't be a review now would it? ^_^
[or at least not a good one. =3]

And it certainly wouldn't do this ASTOUNDING game justice! =D

To be completely honest, I began on the 2nd installation of this "Epic Battle Adventure" first only last month and this is my second RPG to date I have ever played to completion [unless you want to include Jade Cocoon 2] (Which I don't.)

So please keep this in mind while reading this specific review. =3
My perspective is in "Hind Site" and I did not play the first game first, but rather the first game second and the second game first. Confused?

I sure am.@_@
*Thinks back for a second*

Ahh! That's where I was going with this jabber. ^_^
Skies of Arcadia was my first RPG and this ASTOUNDING fun-light-hearted-play-on-fun-fan-rus hed-anime is quite unique indeed!=D
*holds up single hand and cups ear to hear better*

*Hears reader* [in mind] shout, "Saaaaaaaaaaaay Something!!"
OK! =D

What makes this game unique you ask?

Glad You care to hear what I think!^_^

Well for one the climbing challenge of this game I shall certainly say goes far beyond even the predecessor "Epic Battle Fantasy 2." The "non-stop action" certainly was unexpected [especially after playing the 2nd one first].

Although a break between levels is certainly welcome, the flow of this game certainly does scream "SUPER CHALLENGE" kind of like the difference betwee playing Megaman 1... then Megaman 8. Megaman 8 may have more to do, look prettier and have SUPER sound effects--

But very few of the following games provide the challenge that the very first [and very second O.O] Megaman games provide. Epic Battle Fantasy is the same.

Although there is more to do in the second game and more to gain--having less truly does have one think far more strategically and beginning on Epic Mode [as I do for any game--play on the hardest difficulty only... this one however had me work my way back in a desire to gain ALL the medals--which I did. A VERY rare thing for me because I normally only play a video game or watch an anime exactly 1 time after absorbing the experience...this game is THAT good. No joke.]

I honestly learned something "new" each time I played this game, and by far my strategy and "intuition" has certainly gone up at least 300 percent in exp. [no kidding.]

The only "rough edges" I was able to find on this game is the final battle -- because since potions are random drops--you often find yourself without Ether by the end of the game on Epic Mode [you quickly find out what 140 percent means on this difficulty level.^^;]

Although the rumors are true that Natz DOES gain more Magic Points when she is on defense in this game--it is ONLY for "Magic Based" attacks. Which truly on Epic and Hard mode have the "Laser Cannon" versus Mecha and the "Spirit Bomb" versus Goku almost literal GOD SENDS--with pain.

Well... the good comes with the bad I have come to realize.=3
[Like this review right? ^_^]

Even with things which seem totally "Sexy."

Speaking of "sexy" 'angry heads' can say what they want, but Natz is certainly a very attractive character. Matt plays the "cool guy" character well and Mog... *sighs* Should learn to grow a brain as big as his belly [at least] and fill it ^_^

Especially since sometimes on Epic and Hard mode--you SERIOUSLY will call him for some 10 to 20 turns just for a bottle of Ether. My only hang up about this game. There were times I wondered if Mog ALWAYS brought "HP" or an antidote--after spending "5" MP for 20 turns... and then he'd give it to Matt when Natz was "Mana Starved" =F Just laugh it off when that happens is my suggestion^_^

Special thanks to Newgrounds User "7794" for writing a "medal guide."

After completing the game on "Epic" and "Hard" I had NO idea what the final 3 medals could be. Heck--I didn't even know you could "jiggle" Natz breasts [let alone get a medal for it <.<]

There is no game like this! =D

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An Epic Game With An Epic Title = EPIC FUN! =D

Gales Entertainment Scaling Reads...
Rating: 5
Stars: 10
Descriptive Word: Epic ^_^

Ever so often often a video game will come along who's title will describe itself.

"Megaman." "Mario" "Sonic The Hedgehog" and let us not forget:
"Dance Dance Revolution!"

Epic Fantasy 2 truly does join the great rankings of the aforementioned games and so many more in describing itself honestly--and delivering.

"Matt Roszak (matt-likes-swords)" and "Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX)" have honestly put together a game that literally... had me at "Hello." ^_^ <3

It is very uncommon for me to write a review before completing the game.
The uptempo-battle themes and fun-friendly characters with astounding well timed humor and off-the-beaten-path quotes--literally had me anticipating the following day so I could find out what happens after "NoLegs" the cat defeats his ancestors eating heart-shapes and collecting Gems! [Yes... and this is only level TWO! Curious to see what other surprises are in store ^_^]

To be completely honest, I had not even heard of "Epic Fantasy 1" let alone TWO--until after playing a brief and fun Flash Game [Pixel Legion--great game too by the one and only "acrazycanadian" ^_^] and saw this game as a reference... at first.

Seeing a gorgeously honest smile and wink from the in-game character "Natz" whom I did not know at the time--I got frustrated with loosing my pixels and clicked "X..." only to return 6 minutes later to beat it--but to find the winking smiling girl-of-fantasy-whom's-name-did-not-y et-know... GONE! T.T


I hit refresh. Same suggestions. Hit back. Same suggestions.
Exited the browser and returned--NEW suggestions but "smiling-girl-of-fantasy-whom's-name-
did-not-yet-know." I did not remember the game name either. I typed "Adventure" into the Newgrounds "Search Engine" and you can imagine -- some 100 thousand matches came up.

I decided to return to Pixtel Legion and try yet once more...
And low and behold!! "Epic Fantasy 2!" showed--that gorgeous smiling of a gal giving me my first impression of... believe it or not... yet and only the THIRD RPG game I have ever played.

My first was "Skies of Arcadia" now only 2 years ago for the Dreamcast.
Second was Sonny, which eventually lead me to an account on Armorgames.

And now... Epic Fantasy 2. A game which I played ONE level of--dreamt well of the morning just after... and I will spare You the details of my "Epic (Dream-That-Night) Fantasy" 2 [too]... *hint* *hint* =3 It involved...!

Literally had me looking forward to the early morning after the day was done in order to venture with Matt and Natz and NoLegs the Cat ["Epic Poetry 2!" O.O] as they continue their quest.
And jokefully pick on one another =3 [It's really cute =)]

For certain, I shall "backtrack" and complete both games after being elevated by such a phenomenal game. What really gets me the most is that a gorgeous gal whom's name I did not know--attracted me to this game with a mere wink and a smile. =3 And she has the personality to boot! ^_^

And for those of you thinking, "This guy really puts too much into a girl in a game" I have nothing against your urges to rather stare at the sweating foreheads of Football players and Rambo while I gaze upon the beautiful bust and charisma emitted by an elegant and astounding

To those of you who enjoy watching the sweat run down Zangief's chest in Street Fighter II Turbo over the curves of Chun-Li's legs and her bust of chest...

Whatever floats your boat. ^_^

As for me, the beauty of Natz's wink and personality, attracted me to this game and I am very glad this is fact. =3

Indeed Matt is quite the cool and collected cat--a brave adventurer--with an erm--cat... Sorry NoLegs--no pun intended. ^_^

NoLegs is a fun companion and oddly cute to boot! =3
The name "NoLegs" is certainly a very interesting name O.O
*nod. Nod, nods*

Playing on Epic.

Fun game Matt & Crew. ^_^

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, TIGER M [Sunday]
-2:04 (11/28/2010)

Who Is TIGER M? O.O <- That'd Be Me? O.o;

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Pixel Legions Pixel Legions

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Their Name Is Legion For They Are Many&gt;=3 FunGame!

Indeed an addictive and massively fun game acrazycandian. =)

The most interactive part of the game I think is the excellent scoreboard where players may continue to post their scores as they get them ^_^

Went through all 24 levels and got the gold award and right at 100 thousand points! W00t!

It was intriguing to watch others scores climb and then my own rise just above them then fall back then go up much like in a race =)

Went through all 24 levels and wil lsay I think that level 22 is the trickiest.
"The Boss" -- the final level-- actually was my favorite! =D

"I'm The Boss!"

It would have been funny if you would've named it "Like A Boss." lol
[like the "Lonely Island song].

I noticed a couple of other fun puns too like "Defend The [Your] Castle" and "Wind Up Dead."
LOVE the music which reminds me of Guilty Gear meets Guilty Gear X meets Guilty Gear X2 ^^; Yeah... meant to have that come out sounding like that! =d

Memorable uptempo guitar and electro-rock and the slow-downtempo tunes also got me to going too. Really helps focus even when you get frustrated on one or two levels.

I do disagree with one tiny facet--I think that if you should make a second Pixel Legion, you definitely should have the "click drag" to select a group at one time. The trickiest part for me was selecting one legion at a time to move--especially on the levels like the really large ones where you could move the mouse across the screen.. REALLY hard to send more than one legion for a flank or trick out because you can only choose one group at a time.

Also had some issue clicking on the base once a lot of legions were around it, but nothing to cry to shout about =)

Great game all around! =D

The "base death" sound is oddly invigorating o.o
That LOUD guitar "WHOOOMP!" sound has you almost WANT to down your foes fast in unison or one right behind the other for a guitar symphony! hahah =]

Can tell a lot went into this game and the end result I certainly say was well worth it. Definitely a reference game and fun to go through at least one time around. =3

Helped to take my mind off of some frustrating things and prove the color green is superior in the "War of The Pixel Legions!" =D
[Although my favorite is orange and apple red T.T =3]

Awesome gaming idea.

Very, very innovative. Keep up the astounding work my friend!

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday]
-1:59 PM (11/28/2010)

TIGER M IS... tiger m... ^^;

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The Basics (Tutorial) The Basics (Tutorial)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Intriguing, Intriguing, INTRIGUE! =D

The 'Hex Numbers' and 'Colors Section' blew mu'h mind
(Ya'h... Ya'h... I'm definitely Left-Brained... uh... *Holds head* >.<)

But I learned A LOT!

The In-Lesson Music is what every classroom in America,
Europe, Japan, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and um...
Did I forget anyone? Oh yeah! ANTARTICA! XDD

But in today's world where NG and Wikipedia provides
Such excellent lessons outside the classroom...
Whew! I'd suppose I'm in a 'Classroom' in front of
Rushuna-Haruhi (my Production Partner & PC ^_^) right this instant! =)


Thanks again for the fine lessons (and entertainment! ^^)
My informative friend. =)

You have been more than helpful. =)

Hope this view and vote will put in my 2-cents worth!

Love, Life! ^~*
Love, Love. =)

Purpose! ^^


I thank you again Sensei for these invaluable lessons
In 'The Art of The Flash.' *Smiles Humbly*

*Disappears Into Vapour*

Sincerest Regards,

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Flash Introduction Flash Introduction

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun, funny &amp; Cool! ^_~*

Superb tutorial my friend! ^^

A course was taken from for
Flash Essentials, and I was still stuck.

After reviewing this excellently basic explaining of
'What Works' 'How It Works' and 'Why It Works'

In less than 10 minutes, I got what I couldn't get in
Over 4-days of 'Video-Visual-Mental Training!' ^_^

Thanks a bundle for taking the time to create this!
Your message and lessons shall be heard for Ages To come! ^_^
(Or until T.F. [or NG's 'Future Ruler']
Decides releasing 'Newgrounds' to an oblivion is
The best choice for... yeah... whatever reasons XDD]

Thanks again my friend!

Excellent and interactive!
And certainly MORE than helpful.

Keep up the excellent work! ^_^

-Tiger M

AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pas Excellence! =D [Tiger Here]

Awesome Storyline?


Captivating Game?


[Time Management] Challenging?


5/5 (Rating), 10/10 (Stars)?


For lovers-of a great story & lovers of great women alike! ^_^

The story and 6 endings (assuring high replay value--until unlocking all 6! ^_^)
Is what makes this release click!

Add your favorite "Winamp SHOUTcast Digital Radio" station
or favorite personalized playlist, and this game deserves a 20+! =D

EXCELLENT original artowrk.

Sincerest Regards,
-Tiger M

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Listen2Reason responds:

Awesome, thanks for the review!

franks adventure 2 franks adventure 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Stuff! ^_^ [Tiger Here]

Fun one!

Great running around in "Sonic's Shoes!" [Quite Literally! ^^]

So I see in the "World of the play" in Frank's Adventure--
Lameboy and "Jive" are indeed GRAND franchises! ^^

As is "Akari Kanzaki" the celebrity--Lolita-Lolipop-girl!? o.O


Onward to "Frank's Adventure 3" and "4." =D

Excellent job with this title-series guys. ^^

5/5 (Rating), 10/10 Stars.

-Tiger M

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